My Top 3 Anti Snoring Devices

The Best Anti Snoring DevicesYou know that feeling you get when you are drifting off to sleep, only to be suddenly awakened by your own snoring? Have you ever felt guilty because your snoring keeps your partner awake at night?

You beat yourself up thinking about how annoying this must be for anyone within earshot of you when you are asleep, and you constantly wonder if you’ll ever be able to get a good night’s sleep again.

You know that you need to stop snoring, but aren’t sure how to do it. You may have even tried some treatments in the past, but found that it’s like curing the hiccups: most remedies are just urban legends that don’t actually solve the problem. I tried lots of different solutions before I found something that actually worked.

The good news is that there are some lifestyle changes that you can make which really will help reduce your snoring, and which are completely free. The most important two things that you can do are to lose weight and to reduce your alcohol consumption. Being overweight or drinking alcohol can squeeze your neck muscles while you are asleep, which causes you to snore.

Although changing your lifestyle can help, it’s not the solution for everyone. Many of us aren’t overweight and don’t drink very much in the first place. If modifying your habits doesn’t solve the problem, it’s time to try an anti snoring device.

Fortunately, anti snoring devices are getting better each year as the technology improves. The ones that are on the market today are leaps and bounds better than those available just a decade ago.

Now you may be wondering…

What the Heck Are Anti Snoring Devices?

There are actually a wide variety of devices that can help you stop snoring, many of which work differently. Some of them are nosepieces which are inserted into the nostrils. Others are mouthpieces which help to displace your teeth or tongue while you sleep. Still others are fabric straps which are worn around the chin to keep the jaw in place in order to prevent snoring.

As we start to doze off, our muscles naturally become more relaxed, including the muscles in our windpipe. This can cause the airway to become narrower or even blocked off completely, which causes us to snore.
Anti-snoring devices make sure that that doesn’t happen, by preventing our airways from narrowing.

What Are the Main Benefits of Reducing Snoring?

Now that you understand how snoring works and how anti snoring devices prevent it, let’s talk about the benefits.

Some of the main benefits of reducing your snoring are:

• Improved quality of sleep
• More energy during the day
• Enhanced ability to focus during the day
• Reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure
• A happier partner, who is no longer kept awake by the sound of your snoring

Unfortunately, even though the best devices to prevent snoring are quite good, there are still a lot of garbage products on the market that won’t help you. Don’t just buy the first product you see; make sure you get one that actually works.

It took me a long time to find the best anti snoring devices, and I’m going to tell you about the 3 that I think are the best.

The Top 3 Anti Snoring Devices

#3 ZQuiet

Coming in at #3 is the ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. You may have heard of ZQuiet from their late-night infomercials.

ZQuiet is a mandibular advancement device, which basically means that it pushes your jaw out of the way to prevent your windpipe from narrowing or closing as you fall asleep.

The best thing about ZQuiet is that it’s very easy to use. Unlike some mouthpieces, it’s a one-size-fits-all model that doesn’t require any special dental molding. It’s ready to go as soon as you get it, and it’s very easy to get used to. After one night of using it, you’ll be accustomed to it.

On the flipside, the one-size-fits-all model means that it isn’t always as comfortable as some of the more customized mouthpieces, unless your mouth happens to be a good fit for the device.

Probably the biggest drawback of ZQuiet is that although it’s effective at reducing snoring, it doesn’t reduce it as much as the top 2 devices on my list. Heavy snorers may prefer a stronger solution. Nevertheless, ZQuiet is definitely a good value for the cost.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

#2 SnoreRx

SnoreRx is a mandibular advancement device that works similarly to ZQuiet by advancing your jaw to prevent it from obstructing your windpipe as you drift off to sleep.

The most obvious difference between the two is that SnoreRx doesn’t follow the one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on your perspective, this can be a good or bad thing.

SnoreRx has an apparatus that allows you to calibrate the mouthpiece in 1 millimeter increments, in order to make your mouth more comfortable. As far as I know, SnoreRx is the only anti-snoring device on the market that offers this feature. I like it, and I think it’s quite effective at reducing snoring.

The downside is that it takes a little bit longer to get accustomed to than some of the other products on the market. For the first few days that you use it, you may have a sore mouth before you figure out what calibration works best for you. But in the long run I think it’s worth it.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

#1 Good Morning Snore Solution

My favorite anti-snoring device is Good Morning Snore Solution, which is completely different from the previous two. Check out my full Good Morning Snore Solution reviews here.

Good Morning Snore Solution is a tongue-displacement mouthpiece. Rather than focusing on your jaw like #2 and #3 on my list, GMSS focuses on your tongue. Unlike mandibular advancement devices, Good Morning Snore Solution can be worn with dentures.

Just pop it into your mouth when you get into bed, then push your tongue into the tip of the mouthpiece. This creates a seal that holds your tongue in place, so that it can’t block your windpipe and cause you to snore.
It’s incredibly easy to use, and in my experience it doesn’t cause any soreness in my mouth like some anti-snoring devices do. This is a much smaller device than most mouthpieces, and therefore it’s less likely to cause your jaw to ache.

One minor problem I had was that the first couple nights it popped out of my mouth while I was asleep. However, this will stop happening once you get used to it.

Good Morning Snore Solution is also the most effective method of reducing snoring that I’ve found. Many people find that Good Morning Snore Solution virtually eliminates their snoring.

It’s important to note that GMSS is a longer-term solution than most other mouthpieces. Most other brands don’t last more than about six months. Some people have reported that GMSS lasts them for over a year, but in my experience, 10-12 months is more realistic.

Finally, you can try it out risk-free for 30 days. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, just send it back to them within 30 days for a full refund.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

You can find out more about my #1 choice, or try Good Morning Snore Solution free for 30 days by clicking the link below and going to Good Morning Snore Solution’s official website.

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